Transport Industry funding invoices


Without Cashflow Transport will stop

The transport industry is a growing sector that contributes highly to the economy. Whether you are in earthmoving, freight transport, waste removing, and logistics or just own heavy vehicles for multipurpose TDFC can help you and your business.

Why would the transport sector need debtor finance?

Transport businesses need to pay for their trucks fuel, need to pay wages, and debtors can pay anywhere from 30 days plus. Factoring lenders have been offering 3-5% a month product to accommodate these 1-2 truck owners. Often if not used correctly the profits of the owners is eaten away and they are one break down away from disaster.

Recently in the 2014 Federal Budget the liberal government is reintroducing the biannual indexation of fuel excise which the money however will be spent on improving roads around the country. This means fuel prices will increase! Cash flow can become tight so don’t wait for your business to sink before you do something

How can TDFC help businesses in Transport?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) will answer any questions you have. At no direct cost, we offer an obligation free quote in writing so that your firms gets some sound advice. TDFC ensure that you fully understand the workings, the fees charged, and facilities chosen. Our consultants work to provide the best product and price that suit your business needs. Best thing is you will still get to choose from up to four options so there is still no obligation and you can be in control.

Talking to a consultant today could be the greatest first step you could take to:

  • Having Unpaid Invoices paid in hours not days
  • Increasing business cash flow
  • Paying creditors on time
  • Growing your business
  • Paying bills faster
  • Keeping vehicles and machinery operating
  • Taking out all the hard work of finding the right lending facility
  • Upgrading all your old outdated equipment
  • Having your business expand to multiple locations
  • Ability to take on more work and make your business work harder

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