Start Here- Compare the Market in Factoring

Start here- Compare the Market in Factoring

Start here- Compare the Market in Factoring

Quick start process

Start Here- Compare the Market in Factoring is all we ask at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants. We know how busy you are with your business trying to make sure it all runs as smooth as possible.  Start here- Compare the Market in Factoring. This is why we created this page, for busy people like you. One stop factoring explanation’s. TDFC offers all this in a written quote for a piece of mind to business owners.

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Your biggest issues

If your invoices are continually running late and you need access to your cash faster than what your debtors are paying.  Then we may just be able to help you get your cash quicker.  It all cost fees. Our firm will discuss ways to keep them at a minimal.

We have access to a large range of products and services that will most certainly suit your specific needs. Best of all there is no direct cost to you. You can take full advantage of our extensive knowledge on how we approach the lenders as we work for you to get the best possible deal for your specific situation.

Quick start form

Fill out the form below to get you started in the right direction.  This is a no obligation and completely free service. Our consultants needs as much information as you can give.

You know your business as well as we know the products that suit. TDFC supports over 28 lenders with a range of products. The more information we have about your firm the better chance of connection you to best lenders.


Once you fill out this form one of our consultants will be happy to talk to you further about your
specific needs and requirements.



Please ensure that you DOWNLOAD our Privacy form, sign it and return to us ASAP – print/scan and emailed or fax.  This is a government requirement for us to be able to provide you with advice and to keep any information you share with private.