Single Invoice Factoring Finance

Single Invoice Factoring Finance

Single Invoice Factoring Finance was developed for small to medium businesses in the need for cash flow finance without contract terms. Hence Business owners can offer up larger Invoices and selectively each month. There is no limit to flexibility. However in order to ascertain some of the flexibility you may have to offer up security.

Price: Range between 3-6% per Invoice plus interest until paid.

Single Invoice Factoring Finance

How does Invoice Factoring work?

  1. Invoice Factoring gives you up to 80% advance on your invoice depending on the debtors strength and size.
  2. Once the debtor pays the financier you get the balance of you invoice less fees into your account the next day.
  3. Small sign up fees make Invoice Funding popular.

For more information about Single Invoice Factoring, contact TDFC and a consultant will guide you to the correct facility that suits your needs.

Why choose Single Invoice Factoring?

Factoring made easy.

  • No lock in contracts
  • Funding up to 80% of invoice
  • With higher risk to lender more expensive than full service factoring
  • Collection and verification
  • Use facility when you need

What other products can I choose from?

Here is a list of our factoring services:

1. Full Service Factoring

2. Partnership Factoring

3. Confidential Factoring

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