Invoice Factoring

Factoring – Financing Small Businesses with Unpaid Invoices!

Cash flow is at the heart of every business and outstanding invoices can damage your potential to grow, expand and pay creditors. With TDFC, waiting for customers to pay you is a problem of the past. Our team can help you find a factoring product that suits your business and unlocks your unpaid invoice.

Factoring is a type of debtor finance where businesses provide outstanding invoices to lenders in exchange for instant access to a percentage of the money. This invoice financing method gives you access to the funds you need and still lets you take advantage of the invoice when the customer does pay.

For example, with invoice discounting, you could receive up to 85% of the value of your receivables within hours. When your customers pay their invoice, the remaining 15% is still given to you, less the fees agreed upon with the lender.


What Are the Benefits of Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing through factoring can:

  • increase business cash flow, with access 80% of outstanding invoices in just 24 hours
  • provide access to funds with no real estate security required
  • grow your business purchasing power and help you to expand
  • provide 24/7 access to your accounts via online client portals
  • grow alongside your business, making it a sustainable solution


How Invoice Financing Can Work for You

Full-Service Factoring

You offer all of your invoices and the lender provides you with up to 80% of the amount in cash. You pay between 2% and 4% per invoice plus interest and receive the final 20% (minus fees) once the invoice has been collected.

Partnership Factoring

If you have a Part-time accountant, they can chase invoices, settle credit limits and manage accounts. Your firm can simply take advantage of the funding, drawing up to 80% of your invoices as required and paying 0.05-3% per invoice plus the commercial interest rate until the invoice is paid.

Confidential Factoring

Confidential factoring is typically backed by real estate and widely used in the construction industry. In addition, It gives you the option to be selective about the invoices you want to fund instead of offering your whole ledger. As a silent account holder, your customers will not be harassed to make their invoice payments or have knowledge of your finance agreement.



Talk to the Factoring Experts about the Right Solution for You!

Especially relevant depending on the nature of your business and the industry you work in, various factoring products may be ideal for you. Luckily, our family owned business is here for yours, offering honest small business finance advice.

Our consultants have worked for large debtor financiers. Now we work for you, offering the best products and the best deals. TDFC consultants are not loyal to any one lender or product.

Our service is FREE to you and could be ideal for:

  • Construction businesses
  • New business owners
  • Retail and wholesale companies
  • And much more!


Looking to Finance Your Small Business?

Most of all the benefits of using Trade Debtor Finance Consultants free service include honest advice, high advances and competitive rates. If debtor finance services don’t suit your business needs, we’ll let you know and won’t dishonestly offer you our services.

To learn more about invoice financing fill in our inquiry form. Take time to talk to our factoring experts on 1300 00 8322.