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Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are experts in debtor finance, Factoring and Invoice Discounting. Every industry has clients and customers; some who pay on the day of service or awhile later. Debtors taking months to pay can be stressful and restrain your business from growing. Having consistent cash flow to grow your business could be what separates you from competitors and allows you to reach your business goals.

TDFC has helped businesses small and large of many industry types increase their cash flow and our consultants do it at no direct cost to their business.

There are different products available to suit your business and its needs to grow. Our consultants will negotiate to provide you the best deal that will do your business more good and we will explain to you if it may do you harm.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is passionate about your business success so find your industry and read on the great benefits we could provide to you. Speak to a consultant to find out more.

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