Import/Export Trade Finance


“Want to pay your suppliers in 60 days interest free”

Why choose import/export trade finance

Import / Export Trade Finance is a product for companies to increase product turnover without it effecting cash flow finance.

  • Negotiate discounts on supplier purchases. Pay on 30-60 day trading terms with Import/Export Trade Finance.
  • TDFC proudly supports an International & Domestic Stock Finance product.
  • Businesses have the ability to use the facility when they need to. Larger orders hit the desk. Why stress have a facility in place and use their finances to purchase the stock.
  • Create discounts by paying suppliers in nearly a COD term. This normally creates discounts offsetting cost by the financier.
  • Easy to use systems help the transaction run smoothly.
  • Purchase larger orders when needed to without stress
  • Increase stock turnover with effecting cash flow
  • Normally no Real Estate Security needed
  • Stock Financier provides all cost to get goods delivered to you
  • Very easy to use product
  • Do to flexibility and risk, it is priced accordingly

For more information about Import/ Export Finance. Please contact TDFC and a consultant will guide to the best facility.

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