Retail Industry using Debtor finance

Retail Industry using Debtor finance

Retail Industry using Debtor finance to great success.

Why would the Retail sector need debtor finance?

The retail sector is extremely competitive and whether you are a small business or a large company there is always another business competing to achieve common goals and objectives. A new release on the Australia Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2010- 11 the amount of entries and exits into the retail sector were equal with 20,919 entries and 20,921 exits. Competing to remain in the retail industry can be expensive and some businesses fail to plan for tough times, and that is when they fail. Debtor finance, invoice discounting and factoring can sound like something that you think may not be of any use to you but see on that there are some real advantages. It time you set your business apart and keep your business operating the way you want without the stress.

How can TDFC help businesses in Retail?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) will answer any questions you have. At no direct cost, we offer an obligation free quote in writing so that your firms gets some sound advice. TDFC ensure that you fully understand the workings, the fees charged, and facilities chosen. Our consultants work to provide the best product and price that suit your needs. Best thing is you will still get to choose up to four options.

Talking to a consultant today could be the greatest first step you could take to:

  • Having your business operating efficiently
  • Having Unpaid Invoices paid in hours not days
  • Hiring more staff
  • Easily paying staff on time not at your own expense
  • Spending more time with customers and employees then stressing finances
  • Taking your business to more locations
  • Increasing your business productivity
  • Increasing your marketing budget
  • Expanding your market
  • Having sufficient income to pay for that ideal premises
  • Increasing business cash flow
  • Paying creditors on time
  • Growing your business
  • Paying bills faster
  • Stress free work environment

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