Full Service Factoring Finance For Small Business

Firstly Full Service Factoring is the oldest form of Finance in the world.

Clients offer all their invoices into the Full Service Factoring Company. Once invoices are verified, the lender will fund up to 80% of those invoices in cash. Once the debtor pays then the financier pays the last 20% less fees at end of month after collections.

Very versatile product with some great advantages to small business.

Price: Range between 2-4% per Invoice plus interest until paid.


Why choose Full Service Factoring

  • 80% of Invoices paid into your account upon verification.
  • Credit checks on debtors to avoid bad debt
  • Assisted with Invoice collections
  • Account management
  • Flexible account facilities
  • Will do 1/1 facilities and exposure issues
  • Once invoices are verified up to 80% automatically paid into account
  • Copies of invoice and dockets to be submitted to financiers for verifications.
  • Helps collect invoices when due.

What other products can I choose from?

Factoring services include:

1. Single Invoice Factoring

2. Full Service Factoring

3. Partnership Factoring

4. Confidential Factoring

If Full Service Factoring is the product you’re looking for please contact TDFC, and one of our consultants will give you a more detailed rundown of the facility and companies at your disposal.

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