Factoring Financial Services

Financial Services – Unlock Your Small Business Potential

Factoring Financial Services are always asked about. Are cash flow burdens stopping you from reaching your small business goals? Unpaid invoices and other tied up funds can be stressful, but fortunately, there are many solutions that may work for you.

The friendly finance experts at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offer a range of services to unlock your small business cash flow. Best of all, you can use our services for free because we only ever charge the lender.

Factoring Financial Services

TDFC products and services to choose from

Debtor Finance

This great funding option for small and medium businesses pays a percentage of the value of your invoices within 24 hours. This umbrella term covers many of the options below and helps grow your business.


 Factoring lets you sell your outstanding invoices to get access to the money you need today. You can also consider invoice discounting and other similar services to meet your immediate cash flow needs.

Full-Service Factoring Finance

 Access up to 80% of the value of your outstanding invoices now and get the remaining 20% at the end of the month. Pay just 2-4% per invoice depending on your businesses payment terms!

Confidential Factoring

This type of factoring is backed by the equity in your property or cash assets. Factor only the invoices you want to fund and enjoy a silent account where debtors don’t have knowledge of your financial arrangement.

Partnership Factoring Finance

 This is a type of factoring for small and medium businesses with a part time bookkeeper or accountant. You can access up to 80% of outstanding invoices from a financier while retaining more control of the finance facility.

 Single Invoice Factoring Finance

This is a way to fund up to 80% of a single outstanding invoice while you wait for your clients to pay. Generate cash flow when you need it with no lock-in contracts.

 Invoice Discounting

This type of borrowing gives you access to your untapped funds. Get the majority of the money from outstanding invoices and access the remaining amount (less lender fees) when your invoices come through.

Line of Credit Funding

 Access 30-50% of your monthly turnover and reinvest it in your business. This type of funding is the faster, more convenient alternative, with less paperwork and more flexibility.

Cash Flow Finance

 Cash flow finance is the umbrella term for Single Invoice Factoring, Factoring, Partnership Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Confidential Factoring.

Trade Finance

Secure a loan from a lender by providing a Letter of Credit, which proves that your goods are pre-sold. Use trade finance alongside debtor finance and factoring to increase your immediate cash flow.


Why Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultant?

First of all learn more about Factoring Financial Services Australia wide. Taking the leap into small business financing can be a scary experience. Take your first steps towards greater cash flow with the experts at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants. We are a family company dedicated to small and medium businesses and we can talk about your finance options when it best suits you, not just during business hours.


Common FAQ’s- Financial Services at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

Do I Really Need a Financial Advisor?

Different finance options will be more or less suitable for your needs depending on your business, your industry and a range of other factors. TDFC has 28 lenders across the country ready to guide you towards the best option for your business.

What Type of Industries Are Your Services Best for?

 We have experts working across a range of industries, from agriculture to retail and new business owners. We can help you to understand debtor finance for your industry. Learn more here.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Our services are free to utilise, so ask as many questions as possible). TDFC is all about helping small, medium and family businesses to expand their potential.


Get in Touch 

Learn more about the basics of debtor finance or get in touch with our team to discuss your finance options. Call 0417 710 767 or book a free consultation via email – sales@tdfc.com.au



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