Delegation for Leaders

Delegation is leadership 101

There are many skills that leaders need to know about and learn to do. In the times where everything needs to be done yesterday. Its important to learn how to manage ourselves and others in these times. This is the art called delegation. It’s easy to create to do lists that we work through and then still feel like nothing actually got done. There comes a point when you as a leader need to prioritize your time and leave the rest to your awesome team.

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Unpaid Invoices – what can you do?

You have a business and your debtors take 30-60 days to be paid. Its not unusual as all the figures in collections show an average of 55 days. This cash is yours, but you don’t get it until your clients pay. Your cash flow is on hold as these clients are using your firm as a bank.

How can you grow your business with little money or cash flow to get those new clients?

Simple Invoice Financing. Finance those un paid debtors and get up to 80% of the funds within 24-48 hours of the invoice being verified. You get the final 20% once the debtor pays the lender less fees. This cashflow injection will assist in wages, purchasing of stock, ascertaining new equipment etc.. Ascertaining this money now, is something you cant do waiting for 30-60 days.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) is your first step to finding the perfect solution that will suit your business needs. TDFC understands that each business is different requiring advice and support appropriate to the targets set for the business. Our consultants take the time to understand what it is you’re aiming to achieve for your business. We listen to what’s important to you; if you want to grow your business, pay creditors on time, or even both!

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is the perfect place when seeking to turn unpaid invoices into cash. The friendly team offer you Free consultations over the phone (1300 00 8332). You can call, organise a time to personally meet and discuss everything that is confusing to you.

Many call seeking advice but are not sure of the cost, advantages and disadvantage of debtor finance or what debtor finance is. A consultant can simply explain it to you with no costs to you or your business. We can answer all your questions and personalise everything you need to know to your business.

Listen to a sample of a transport business inquiry

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What are the best Business finance products?

What are the best Business finance products?

The most common business finance product is and overdraft. Often secured by the directors and unless the business is in top shape, secured by assets as well. It is the cheapest and most used funding for a business. However, it is a not the most flexible. If a business grows, then the bank overdraft takes time to do the same. Often frustration from clients as it clearly doesn’t grow with them.

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Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

The most experienced people in the construction industry will tell you that success is based on managing your money in order to provide quality work at high speeds. Even thriving construction businesses can hit rough financial patches when invoices aren’t paid on time. Knowing how to manage those problems is crucial, and having the right assistance will help your business grow.

Debtor Finance in Construction

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Building Business Trust with Money Factoring

Building Business Trust with Money Factoring

Building Trust with Money Factoring

Why is trust important in business and How do we build it?

Business owners paying bills on time. Their word is their bond.

Trust is built everyday by rock solid business’s practices. However it certainly can be lost faster than it was earned.

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Debtor Finance isn’t complicated but your answer to slow cash flow

Debtor Finance

When you have a problem you will think of every possible way to resolve it.

If your carpets are dirty then you call a carpet cleaner. Therefore if your gardens are crazy, you call a gardening service. In conclusion if you don’t want to clean the house, you call a cleaner. Most problems you will have will actually have an obvious answer to that problem.

Debtor Finance isn’t complicated but your answer to slow cash flow

Most business owners are unaware that their unpaid invoices are a source of cash flow. Waiting 14-30-60-90 days could be stopping your business from reaching its potential.

The important thing to understand that costs of this type of finance can be absorbed when used correctly. As a result if you have access to cash constantly, your business can jump on any opportunities.

TDFC explains Factoring in full.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is a family owned business since 2007. Our consultants have operated facilities and have settled over 300 facilities. TDFC offers solutions to you because with TDFC you will;

  • Have what you need to know explained to you
  • How everything works so you aren’t confused about the steps to take
  • Your circumstances listen to because we simply don’t want to provide you anything that will not take your business further
  • All the benefits to this service listed so you can decide if that is what you want for your business
  • Full support and you are told what is going on so you are never in the dark about what is happening

Our service is about seeing your business grow and thrive in competitive industries no matter the size of your business or the industry you are in we are the solution.

Don’t guess, call TDFC consultants today and in one call we explain it all. or 1300 00 8332