Cashflow business? Factoring Stock finance

Cashflow business? Factoring Stock finance

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are now forming relations with accountants.

Consequently no matter if your a new business is a start up or your an established business. If your cash flow is not constantly coming in, your business growth is reduced. You abilities to generate discounts, create marketing, or put on staff will weigh heavily on your companies funds available. Factoring and Stock finance can be a life line to new business owners as they grow. Our firm offers the complete explanation about lenders who offer this Factoring stock Finance product. Continue reading

Factoring reliable business finance product!

Factoring reliable business finance product!

We cant have a money tree, try factoring for cash flow growth with Factoring

All businesses wish they could all have their own money tree. It’s just not that simple.

Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting have all been exploited in the past for all the wrong reasons. Robbing Cash flow to pay behind payments or bad debt experiences has often given businesses and factoring lenders a bad experience . For Example: what happens when the company gets into financial trouble and the costs of the lender add up, or the lender puts their funding on stop for whatever reason. 5/10 businesses in this position say the  factoring lender caused their business to fail.

When it comes to responsibility of bad decisions: Who signed up for the facility, who knew the costs, and who had the previous debt or problem before factoring. The owner did.  Whether the owner was explained the product and its structures fully, we at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) will never know. Regardless of that, the owner holds all the cards and often an incorrect decision becomes a futile error in this cash flow finance product.

If the Finance facility is operated and maintained properly and is correct for your business,  it works.

TDFC has experienced staff to help you monitor the factoring lender and product to avoid any mishaps. They also have a large network of professionals to assist your business with any scenario. TDFC stand by service and if we don’t know we will use those contacts and endeavor to find a solutions for you, to make the correct decision.

Businesses need cash flow.

Another big statement is: owners say that their cash flow is great, we don’t need to debtor finance.

If you business is in that situation, of course you wouldn’t get a finance product. WRONG. This are the ultimate reasons for Invoice Discounting. Funding your invoices in advance of waiting to be paid, gives you the opportunity to push your business limits. Having the opportunity through Factoring, will give owners the ability to grow faster and strong more rapidly without security. You can place factoring costs in new job quotations . If you have more stock or staff you have the potential of more sales and growth. More growth means more profits and greater buying power.

The main alternative to Invoice Discounting or Factoring is the banks and overdrafts. You can go for that overdraft or line of credit, but in most cases its fixed lending and doesn’t grow when you do. Cheaper yes, but no flexibility can cost you jobs. Also securities of banks, can cost you equipment, and often banks take ownership of your accounts. Anything goes wrong, they put it all on hold. Most businesses are unaware of the security or power a bank has until its too late.

Debtor Finance is often secured by the debtors. It can be disclosed or undisclosed. You can have debtor insurance to help eliminate bad debt. It can be selective, it can be fixed fee, there are so many other versions available.

TDFC explains all the benefits of factoring and Invoice Discounting. TDFC has over 28 lenders and numerous products for you to choose from. With one call TDFC experienced staff members help you find the product and lender to suit your business needs.

For more information please contact TDFC today or visit our website

Invoice Discounting

Big Business uses Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is normally a bank product and not to be mistaken with Factoring.

Invoice Discounting is widely used in more established businesses that have a collection department, or administrative section. These businesses also have no need for a debtor finance lender to collect invoices on their behalf. Most businesses at this level don’t need all invoices debtor Financed and often use it as an overdraft system for purchases of stock or wages.
Invoice Discounting lets you draw up to 90% against your ledger when required. When factoring your invoices, they lend not against individual invoices which sets it apart from factoring. This factoring facility also gives you the ability to predetermine how much you want to draw down out of each ledger limiting interest costs.
Once the debtors pay for invoices, the Debtor Finance lender releases the final 20% less fees the next day into your business account. In most cases Invoice financiers have almost paperless procedures with a very simple on line system.


Banks often make this facility undisclosed / confidential to the debtors. If the accounts are well maintained only the lender and the financier are aware of this product occurring.

Invoice Discounting


If Invoice Discounting is what your business needs for Cash flow finance, then please contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC). At TDFC our consultants discuss with you, pricing and lenders to suit your business needs. TDFC also offers and obligation free written quote. With up to four options to choose from, at no direct cost to your firm.  To learn more about industries that use factoring, click on the link.
Our website has 10 basic questions to ask lenders should you want to inquire yourself.
We offer advice about Factoring, Debtor Finance, and Trade Debtor Finance.

Debtor Finance Consultants Help Your Cash Flow.

Are you letting your cash flow run dry?

Most businesses wait to bills or debts have added up and use Debtor Finance, Factoring, or Invoice Discounting as a last resort. Ultimately this is never easy to monitor or maintain as a large amount of your cash flow is used to catch up old debt. In over 50% of businesses, they say the Factoring funder is the cause of the plight of the company. A debtor finance consultant can help explain


How to use debtor finance properly

This is often not the case at all. If Invoice Discounting, Debtor FinanceFactoring, if used properly, in an effort to grow the business, the products success rate becomes over 90%. Cash Discounts or early payment discounts help offset the costs of the facility. Cash Flow increases productivity, helps promote more advertising, and could even help create more staff positions.

Using Cash flow for unpaid invoices being paid in 48 hours instead of waiting 48 days, also means putting extra staff on, creating more marketing and sales. It may also mean, purchasing a piece of machinery with the bulk payment, also creating more business.

This is the most important thing to remember. Invoice Discounting, Debtor Finance, or Factoring effect all businesses profit margin as it is a service cost. How this is absorbed into the business, depends on how the business uses the facility, and which facility it chooses.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) is made up of experienced consultants in all the debtor finance products. They know costs of each of the factoring facilities and have over 28 debtor finance lenders to choose from. Each debtor finance lender has different strengths and to suit different industries. Click here to see what Industries are suited to Factoring. TDFC also has single invoice funders, and can find Trade Finance that works in with Invoice Discounting.

Once call and TDFC helps you identify the products and Factoring lenders that will suit your needs. Contact Factoring Consultants for an obligation free, written quote at no direct cost to your firm.  Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd  or

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Common Fact:

First of all Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting, or Factoring is the only facility left that doesn’t require security and grows when you grow. Ask Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) what is Debtor Finance Today!!!

Bank loans and overdrafts will always be a better option, if you have security and time to set it up. While this is being completed many Businesses are undergoing a cash flow squeeze, caused by the late payment of invoices. Trade Finance is also a viable options to help ease cash flow.

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Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

For over 10 years our family owned business has dealt with the explanation of Factoring, Debtor Finance, and Invoice Discounting. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has had consultants help every form of business achieve knowledge about this product to see if its worth doing or not. As a business, our aim is to help owners understand the fundamentals of these Factoring products. Continue reading