Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Offers above Service With Debtor Finance

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Offers above Service With Debtor Finance

What Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can do for you?


Trade Debtor Finance Consultants have been celebrating some real achievements in the industry. Our firm has 30 plus clients to date. This could only be achieved through word of mouth from happy clients. Above all TDFC continues to support companies. Offering Debtor Finance, Factoring solutions offering up to 28 lenders with products to suit your business. Don’t get the salesperson pitch! Ask TDFC consultants for the complete explanation of the product and get referrals from happy clients.

TDFC consultants support clients with lenders for the life of the loan with no direct charge. Clients really appreciate TDFC Consultants hands on attitude. Lenders are also maintaining happy clients. TDFC consultants are trained to look at all types of industries. As a result every option is considered before advice is given..

TDFC takes service to the next level. Consultants have options for Trade Finance.Debtor Finance. Invoice Discounting and Factoring for commercial businesses. TDFC also have negotiated financial products for smaller new business and start ups. Consequently with smaller turnovers businesses that banks are not interested in.

We go the extra yard with advice.

TDFC consultants always try and get companies thinking of exit strategies after debtor finance. A perfect example: Would be to offer one finance product now. Advising that this is a solution for 12 months only. Furthermore assessing the next faze will a larger bank facility.

Contact TDFC speak to our experienced personal. Consultants now have a range of referrals and solutions for your company. Giving you the best Cash flow Finance solution.
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Transport Using Factoring

Transport Using Factoring

Trade Debtor Finance consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) was contacted late last year by a transport companies, In most cases they had 3 trucks with 2-3 debtors. This firm’s owners were quick to explain that a shortage of cash flow has caused a problem. No cash means issues with a fuel bill and that it was causing work to slow down.

Typical introducers would just give them a few lenders in an effort to sign them up. Not our firm. TDFC we understand that Factoring comes off the profit margin of companies. Transport margins are very competitive and often tight. One break down in a truck erodes those margins away totally.

We explain Factoring.

Our consultants explain that they could get a no lock in solution to fix the immediate problem. In some cases this would be costly and that if they could sustain a more lock in solution, they could develop a plan going forward.

One simple question? What can you do with the company once you’re back on top of your cash flow issues and have money in the bank. Get another truck into work was the consensus. Start it working with another debtor spreading risk. With excess to cash flow, wages wouldn’t be a problem. As work increases, you can increase profits as were using the factoring companies money to do so.

It has been proven that within 6 months, companies have landed contracts and if required more trucks. Yes, they have a lot more money and profits, however, they also have a growing business with much more strain on themselves. Another situation that TDFC will advise on as they need help with infrastructure.

Transport Using Factoring

Would you like to know more about Factoring, DO’s and DON’Ts and what you can do to use this product to your benefit? Please contact TDFC today for an obligation free quote in writing. Go to debtor Finance Questions and Answers.


Debtor Finance Consultants Help Your Cash Flow.

Are you letting your cash flow run dry?

Most businesses wait to bills or debts have added up and use Debtor Finance, Factoring, or Invoice Discounting as a last resort. Ultimately this is never easy to monitor or maintain as a large amount of your cash flow is used to catch up old debt. In over 50% of businesses, they say the Factoring funder is the cause of the plight of the company. A debtor finance consultant can help explain


How to use debtor finance properly

This is often not the case at all. If Invoice Discounting, Debtor FinanceFactoring, if used properly, in an effort to grow the business, the products success rate becomes over 90%. Cash Discounts or early payment discounts help offset the costs of the facility. Cash Flow increases productivity, helps promote more advertising, and could even help create more staff positions.

Using Cash flow for unpaid invoices being paid in 48 hours instead of waiting 48 days, also means putting extra staff on, creating more marketing and sales. It may also mean, purchasing a piece of machinery with the bulk payment, also creating more business.

This is the most important thing to remember. Invoice Discounting, Debtor Finance, or Factoring effect all businesses profit margin as it is a service cost. How this is absorbed into the business, depends on how the business uses the facility, and which facility it chooses.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) is made up of experienced consultants in all the debtor finance products. They know costs of each of the factoring facilities and have over 28 debtor finance lenders to choose from. Each debtor finance lender has different strengths and to suit different industries. Click here to see what Industries are suited to Factoring. TDFC also has single invoice funders, and can find Trade Finance that works in with Invoice Discounting.

Once call and TDFC helps you identify the products and Factoring lenders that will suit your needs. Contact Factoring Consultants for an obligation free, written quote at no direct cost to your firm.  Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd  or

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Common Fact:

First of all Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting, or Factoring is the only facility left that doesn’t require security and grows when you grow. Ask Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) what is Debtor Finance Today!!!

Bank loans and overdrafts will always be a better option, if you have security and time to set it up. While this is being completed many Businesses are undergoing a cash flow squeeze, caused by the late payment of invoices. Trade Finance is also a viable options to help ease cash flow.

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Factoring & Debtor Finance explained.

Factoring & Debtor Finance explained.


Factoring is the oldest form of lending in the world. Clients conduct work or offer a service and with this Factoring finance facility, get paid straight away instead of waiting 30 days or more. Today in the modern world more clients are on line and have email systems running making invoicing nearly paperless. As a result funding is faster and more transparent.

Factoring by explanation means you provide completed invoices into a financier and get paid a percentage of that invoice in 48 hours not 48 days. Also not to be confused with Invoice Discounting.

This is how Debtor Finance works. You submit invoices and the lender verifies the work is complete, delivered etc. Once this has occurred you will be advanced up to 80% of the outstanding invoices into your bank account. Due to increases in your Cashflow, it will gives your company the ability to purchase stock or pay bills ahead of schedule. It may also possibly create discounts and offsetting the finance cost.

Once the invoices are being paid for, your debtor will pay the full amount into the lenders account. The lender receipts the invoice, taking out amount borrowed plus a fee and gives you back your final 20%.


$1000.00 (Factored) you get $800.00 in 48 hours of verification. Debtor pays $1000.00 to lender and they take out $800.00. You get final $200.00 less lender fee.

Factoring fees.

Most lenders vary slightly in fee setups. However Factoring normally involves a credit department, collection department, and some form of account management.

Due to the level of service offered, business will have to expect a service fee. Upfront fees are charged between 2-4%. This is sometimes called administration, service, or management fee. In addition, the secondary charge is interest. This taken out of the remainder of invoices less the lenders fees.

The amount you draw or borrow times by the number of days outstanding. Depending on the lender and its borrow costs from a bank, determines your interest rate charged.

How does Trade Debtor Finance Consultants help.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) consultants are fully aware of lenders rates and fee structures.

Most noteworthy, is that if we don’t know the answers, we find out. Therefore for a full explanation of Factoring give a TDFC consultant a call. In conclusion TDFC stand by our service provided.

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Finding Cash Flow Solutions using Factoring

Finding Cash Flow Solutions Factoring.

Businesses have been using Trade Debtor Finance Consultants for years. As a result they are finding cash flow solutions that is suited to your needs. We take great pride in providing you with all the information you would need to know. Consequently before you sign any paper your well informed. Our consultants care about seeing your business reach its potential and become all you want it to be. Don’t wait until your finances look scary!


Finding Cash Flow Solutions using Factoring

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Debtor finance quote no direct cost

Debtor finance quote no direct cost in just one call 28 lenders explained

Debtor finance quote no direct cost

Invoice discounting, factoring, and debtor finance can sound confusing at first.

Hence once you understand these factoring products. Then finding the perfect facility can be the more confusing part.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can take all the confusion out of the process and explain what facilities are out there. Our firm offers a free debtor finance quote. Continue reading