Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Offers above Service With Debtor Finance

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Offers above Service With Debtor Finance

What Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can do for you?


Trade Debtor Finance Consultants have been celebrating some real achievements in the industry. Our firm has 30 plus clients to date. This could only be achieved through word of mouth from happy clients. Above all TDFC continues to support companies. Offering Debtor Finance, Factoring solutions offering up to 28 lenders with products to suit your business. Don’t get the salesperson pitch! Ask TDFC consultants for the complete explanation of the product and get referrals from happy clients.

TDFC consultants support clients with lenders for the life of the loan with no direct charge. Clients really appreciate TDFC Consultants hands on attitude. Lenders are also maintaining happy clients. TDFC consultants are trained to look at all types of industries. As a result every option is considered before advice is given..

TDFC takes service to the next level. Consultants have options for Trade Finance.Debtor Finance. Invoice Discounting and Factoring for commercial businesses. TDFC also have negotiated financial products for smaller new business and start ups. Consequently with smaller turnovers businesses that banks are not interested in.

We go the extra yard with advice.

TDFC consultants always try and get companies thinking of exit strategies after debtor finance. A perfect example: Would be to offer one finance product now. Advising that this is a solution for 12 months only. Furthermore assessing the next faze will a larger bank facility.

Contact TDFC speak to our experienced personal. Consultants now have a range of referrals and solutions for your company. Giving you the best Cash flow Finance solution.
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Big year ahead for Factoring, Debtor Finance

Big year ahead for Factoring, Debtor Finance


Big year ahead for Factoring, Debtor Finance

Most business owners are unsure of the government financial planning. And or the economic environment and their future over the next 12 months. Smaller business owners are finding it very difficult to find cash flow to balance their growth. Continue reading

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Debtor finance solutions helping us through tough times!

Common Fact:

First of all Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting, or Factoring is the only facility left that doesn’t require security and grows when you grow. Ask Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) what is Debtor Finance Today!!!

Bank loans and overdrafts will always be a better option, if you have security and time to set it up. While this is being completed many Businesses are undergoing a cash flow squeeze, caused by the late payment of invoices. Trade Finance is also a viable options to help ease cash flow.

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Need Cashflow? Utilize Factoring-Debtor Finance

Cashflow with Factoring-Debtor Finance

Most Businesses have Cash flow. Unfortunately slower paying debtors squeezers funding.
 If invoices are paid in 24 hours then we would not be speaking about Cashflow.
Factoring-Debtor Finance is a simple to use overdraft on your debtor book. The facility is secured by your debtor strength.
Trade Debtor Finance Consultants supports up to 28 lenders Australia wide. These Factoring-Debtor Finance lenders have a range of facilities. TDFC explain lenders and products that suit your business needs.

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Businesses find cash flow solutions

Reading a book about small business and there was an interesting section about this small business located in Sydney. In his experience with cash flow he writes about how it is important to be aware of your expenses in business. For example he shares his story on how he had more people owing him than what he was getting paid and he didn’t want to chase for his money. He had a pile of $200,00 worth of outstanding invoices. Later he went to the bank and took out a loan to pay his staff but the problem wasn’t solved. Peoples jobs and his business are on the line.

Businesses find cash flow solutions


The Arrow solution is like a bow and arrow together; the arrow gets stretched back. Until it is aimed at the target. Only then can it be let go. Being propelled to reach its target faster then what it would of with out the bow.

Debtor finance can be what will put your business cash flow back in shape. When you are being stretched to your limit its important have a cash flow solution. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants wants to see you and your business fly towards your goals and achieving your dreams for it.

Take the guess work out of finding your best cash flow solution and talk to a consultant today.


Will Factoring, Debtor Finance change your business for the Better?

This is a very common question and why wouldn’t it be. Most business owners are worried that their bottom line will be taken away with no real benefits. Traditional lending is much cheaper, however, traditional lenders normally secure properties or directors as a safety.

Debtor Finance is more experience, but it only secures the debtors. Its fees and chargers are priced so that lenders can supply a range of things.

1. conduct credit searches on existing and future debtors

2. Maintain alerts to try to avoid future bad debts

3. Assist in the back end procedures of collection and payments.

4. To verify invoices are complete, stock received etc.. this eliminates 90% of the excuses of non payment.

5. Set credit limits, show online systems, which provides information about your facility.

6. Provide a human as a credit manager, who you can liaise with and address issues.

The list goes on. Some ask how much does this cost. Well each lender sets different fees for the appropriate services. Some businesses don’t need assistance with any of the above, that would mean they would get a much cheaper facility, however, should anything go wrong, they must realise that the lender will have to take appropriate actions to assist.

Factoring and Debtor Finance Explained by experts

This may seem complicated to most. However Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has been providing businesses now for over 10, with experienced staff to assist you with the explanation of these products. Trade Debtor Finance will offer each client a free written quote to choose up to 4 lenders which will suit their current business leads. Again no obligation to go with any of those lenders if chosen.

Trade Debtor Finance has up to 28 lenders to choose from, each business has different needs, try us out and see what you think. For more information please go to our site and explore.

Unpaid Invoices – what can you do?

You have a business and your debtors take 30-60 days to be paid. Its not unusual as all the figures in collections show an average of 55 days. This cash is yours, but you don’t get it until your clients pay. Your cash flow is on hold as these clients are using your firm as a bank.

How can you grow your business with little money or cash flow to get those new clients?

Simple Invoice Financing. Finance those un paid debtors and get up to 80% of the funds within 24-48 hours of the invoice being verified. You get the final 20% once the debtor pays the lender less fees. This cashflow injection will assist in wages, purchasing of stock, ascertaining new equipment etc.. Ascertaining this money now, is something you cant do waiting for 30-60 days.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) is your first step to finding the perfect solution that will suit your business needs. TDFC understands that each business is different requiring advice and support appropriate to the targets set for the business. Our consultants take the time to understand what it is you’re aiming to achieve for your business. We listen to what’s important to you; if you want to grow your business, pay creditors on time, or even both!

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is the perfect place when seeking to turn unpaid invoices into cash. The friendly team offer you Free consultations over the phone (1300 00 8332). You can call, organise a time to personally meet and discuss everything that is confusing to you.

Many call seeking advice but are not sure of the cost, advantages and disadvantage of debtor finance or what debtor finance is. A consultant can simply explain it to you with no costs to you or your business. We can answer all your questions and personalise everything you need to know to your business.

Listen to a sample of a transport business inquiry

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How to grow your business and its wealth

The question of how to grow your business wealth is what all business owners will ask at some early point in the early stages of business potential growth.  We see the potential on paper, but is it reflected in the bank account. When invoices are taking 30 or more days to be paid, we know that it could compromise your competitive edge.  After all don’t they say “you need to have money to make money?” Continue reading