Do You Need Help With Cashflow Finance?

How to apply for Cashflow Finance

What do banks need to ascertain finance for businesses?
1. Must have two year financials
2. Overdrafts and or Business loans must have property or assets
3. Directors with assets are desired giving personal guarantees strength
4. Director must have clean credit files
5. Business Tax must be up to date

So what happens if you don’t tick all these boxes? So you need help with Cashflow Finance?

Do you go to non tier lenders paying larger interest rates, sacrificing profits margins? Finally how do you get the money back fast to save on that interest?

Do you need help with Cashflow Finance

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Factoring,Debtor Finance,Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.

Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.

Factoring,Debtor Finance,Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.


Why Debtor Finance works.

Accountants, brokers, business coaches are never sure if a debtor finance product will work or not for your business. As a result they state it’s too expensive. Others say it’s simple, put your invoices in and get paid up to 80% of their value with 48 hours. The final 20% less fees is paid when your debtor pays for the invoice. there are two alternatives to poor cash flow. One is going broke waiting for debtors to pay. 2nd is demand for faster payment, hoping you don’t loose the contracts.

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Cashflow business? Factoring Stock finance

Cashflow business? Factoring Stock finance

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are now forming relations with accountants.

Consequently no matter if your a new business is a start up or your an established business. If your cash flow is not constantly coming in, your business growth is reduced. You abilities to generate discounts, create marketing, or put on staff will weigh heavily on your companies funds available. Factoring and Stock finance can be a life line to new business owners as they grow. Our firm offers the complete explanation about lenders who offer this Factoring stock Finance product. Continue reading

End of Year Cashflow Issues? Use Invoice Discounting Finance

It’s that time of year!

Christmas time can be an expensive time with presents, parties, guests and food.

No Upfront cost Consultancy about Factoring and Lenders.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants spend this time sending out presents to our clients along with a lotto ticket for each one. That is how we would really love you to increase your cash flow. Continue reading

Why would you waste Free consultancy about Factoring?

Factoring Consultation

Consultation explains both sides of the answer. Clients know their business. Consults know the products. Working together often finds the right answers.

Our consultants are not bias. This firm offers the best products and lenders to suit your needs.

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Unsecured Business Finance Product On Offer- Factoring!

Is Debtor Finance or Factoring used in Australia.

Statics released from DIFA media release showed that Debtor Finance or Factoring is back on track and growing rapidly in Australia. These findings show that business owners are taking advantage of this type of facility to grow their businesses.

In Australia with the change in Government, new businesses are at their highest figures in years. Great thing about Factoring, they finance most Industries.

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