End of Year Cashflow Issues? Use Invoice Discounting Finance

It’s that time of year!

Christmas time can be an expensive time with presents, parties, guests and food.

No Upfront cost Consultancy about Factoring and Lenders.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants spend this time sending out presents to our clients along with a lotto ticket for each one. That is how we would really love you to increase your cash flow. Continue reading

Delegation for Leaders

Delegation is leadership 101

There are many skills that leaders need to know about and learn to do. In the times where everything needs to be done yesterday. Its important to learn how to manage ourselves and others in these times. This is the art called delegation. It’s easy to create to do lists that we work through and then still feel like nothing actually got done. There comes a point when you as a leader need to prioritize your time and leave the rest to your awesome team.

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How to grow your business and its wealth

The question of how to grow your business wealth is what all business owners will ask at some early point in the early stages of business potential growth.  We see the potential on paper, but is it reflected in the bank account. When invoices are taking 30 or more days to be paid, we know that it could compromise your competitive edge.  After all don’t they say “you need to have money to make money?” Continue reading

Need Help with Cash Flow? Get Paid Now

Not all businesses suit debtor finance or Factoring. Some margins are just too tight to give away to a finance company. Never the less most of the time, margins are tight, due to the lack of stock or cash flow in the business to achieve the growth goals needed to turnover products and make more money. Some industries shouldn’t use debtor finance or factoring, however, with out cash flow they simply cant pay their fuel, wages, or other bills in the time frame. With out cash flow, the life blood of any business would dry up and cease. Not all debtor finance or Factoring products are easy to understand, or have simple costing. Financing your invoices, doesn’t mean they collect them. Doesn’t mean they chase them either. Its finance only.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants, in one call puts all this to rest. We listen to your needs and at no direct cost to your firm, find up to 4 of the best solutions in front of you in writing. They also get the lenders on your side, helping them understand your situation. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has hundreds of referrals and is a family based business. If you would like help or just better understand this product. Give us and obligation free call.

Factoring can Fix over due bills.

Often businesses become squeezed between paying bills or purchasing more stock. Your suppliers sometimes force to arrange cash upfront deal off debt to complete orders.

Factoring can Fix over due bills.

Does your business have plenty of outstanding invoices on terms? Most clients that contact our office often explain that if their clients paid on time or faster, then there would be not issues with growth. So the conclusion is you demand of your clients immediate payments. Explain that without faster payments orders will be harder to full fill. This often comes with resistance as your clients often state the same issues.

Factoring Invoices can assist.

Have a debtor ledger of 10 thousand dollars of invoices outstanding and not to be paid for 14-60 days. Immediately you have to find other forms of credit to purchase more stock, cover bills, and or pay wages. If you have good margin in your product, this is dwindled away quickly the longer the debt is outstanding. This is because business owners have to use other forms o credit to survive.

So why not use factoring. Your costs are off your ledger. Factoring companies fund a percentage of the invoice within 23-48 hours of verification its completed. The balance of the invoice is returned to your bank once the clients pays the factoring lender for the invoice. Its just that simple. More invoices you provide to the lender, less risk, and the less you get charged in fees.

Factoring lenders can be a safety net. They conduct credit searches on all your clients. Lenders in Factoring can also help assist in setting credit limits form the clients credit score. Most lenders offering a factoring facility offer great customer service.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offer in one call the complete explanation of the factoring products and lenders. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants also offer their findings in an obligation free quote. To find out more please contact our office 0460 448 955 or email accounts@tdfc.com.au

Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

For over 10 years our family owned business has dealt with the explanation of Factoring, Debtor Finance, and Invoice Discounting. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has had consultants help every form of business achieve knowledge about this product to see if its worth doing or not. As a business, our aim is to help owners understand the fundamentals of these Factoring products. Continue reading