Agriculture – Mining Industry Finance

Agriculture and Mining Businesses improve with Debtor Finance

Why would a business in the agriculture and mining industry need Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC)?

If the industry your business operates in is in agriculture and you have an agribusiness then you may fit in the following types; crop production, poultry keeping, livestock production, and agricultural support businesses. In the mining industry finances can wear thin when debtors (people who owe you) don’t pay upfront for your service. There is enough to consume your time so don’t let chasing late payers consume anymore time.

Having business has many challenges and can be complicated but using Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can change all that. A consultant will partner with you and do all the hard research for you. You could have a quote in a day and be on the way to having the finance your business needs to grow.

What size does your business has to be?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has a large variety of lenders who can support your business in areas of agriculture and mining. Small, medium, large businesses can use Trade Debtor Finance Consultants to find a facility that is perfect for them. Every business is different so calling a consultant can help you find the benefits that suit your business needs.

How much does it cost?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants do not charge you for our consultations or for our ongoing support. That is right; 0 dollars. It is what separates TDFC from competition. We were created and are here for your benefit.

Lenders who offer their financial services will charge a small % fee from the invoices they fund to you. Using a debtor finance facility you could have up to 80% of an invoice in your account in hours for you to spend and improve your business. Call a consultant that can discuss prices based off the information you provide.

Talking to a consultant today could be the greatest first step you could take to:

  • Improve your service quality and quantity
  • Increasing business cash flow
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Hire more help
  • Paying creditors on time
  • Growing your business
  • Paying bills faster
  • Maintain machinery and equipment
  • Taking out all the hard work of finding the right lending facility
  • Upgrading all your old outdated equipment
  • Having your business expand to multiple locations
  • Ability to take on more work and make your business work harder

How much information on my business do I need to give to TDFC

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will ask you a range of questions that help us get to know what is important to you. From this we can assess your options and assist you with choosing the best lenders in Australia.

  • Name, Business Name, Business Contact Details
  • A signed PRIVACY ACT
  • Amount of debtors and how much is owed (found on your debtors ledger)
  • What you could and would use your extra cash flow for
  • How and when you would like to start

What happens if I contact TDFC?

  • You can have a FREE consultation with an experienced debtor finance consultant
  • Have all your options explained and find answers to your questions
  • Find out what facility will suit your needs and desires for your business
  • Have the most suitable lenders offered in our free debtor finance quote to you
  • You can decide when or if you want to proceed.
  • You take out all the hard work of finding a debtor finance, invoice discounting , factoring facility

Contacting a Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting Specialist

Check our Contact Page to send an online inquiry and we can contact you at a time that is suitable for you

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