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About us? Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

Factoring Invoices is  a common question. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants was created out of an Industry need for a Company to supply debtor-finance advice to its clients. Therefore Debtor Finance Consultants have established long term relationships with the leading lenders in Australia within the factoring field.

In addition our TDFC staff have over 16 years combined Factoring, debtor finance industry experience. We are also committed to providing its customers the right product at the best possible rate to suit the ever changing business needs of its clients.

Who does Trade Debtor Finance Consultants work with?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants deals with Factoring lenders who have quality management.  We at TDFC support lenders which are service orientated and offer the best pricing. Our consultants work with business owners/directors to increase their cash flow. We have lenders based all across Australia.

How does Trade Debtor Finance Consultants work?

Our consultants take the guess work out which factoring facility to use. No nonsense answers and help in setting up and running of the facility is TDFC first priority. Our experts ascertain your information in order to find the right factoring facility. Our consultants liaise with lender and your business advising and assisting with setup of the new debtor-finance facility. TDFC consultants work to provide a smooth running service that continues onto ongoing relationship.

Where does Trade Debtor Finance Consultants work?

No matter where you are located in Australia we have lenders all over. Our consultants are primarily located in Brisbane. TDFC consultants help the transition between the debtor finance lender and your business needs.  No matter what the industry you’re in.

What does Trade Debtor Finance Consultants do for you?

1.  With just One Phone Call (Factoring, Debtor-Finance, and Invoice Discounting facilities and costs explained at no direct cost to your firm)
2. We ask Direct No nonsense answers to our lenders.
3. Choice of over 28 Factoring, Debtor Finance lenders.
4. Furthermore TDFC are Experienced Operators in all industry types.

What can you expect from using Factoring?

1. Cash flow back into your business by Factoring
2. Simple on-line Factoring systems easily managed
3. Debtors are your security (in most cases no Real Estate needed)
4. Settlement discounts can offset costs by Purchases and Bills paid on-time, every-time

Other advantages to using Trade Debtor Finance Consultants-

  • Factoring, Debtor Finance lenders do credit searches on your debtors before you commence. This work giving you a safety net. They monitor exposures, ensuring you don’t have to worry as much about bad debts. Because every owner want to minimise bad investments.
  • Factoring Invoices, will give your firm the ability to buy more stock. Sometimes at discounted rates with cash flow you never had before.
  • Trade-Debtor-Finance is for manufacturers and Importers. This facilities offers, 100% trade finance on presold stock. This facility works in conjunction with a debtor-finance facility.
  • You may also have cash flow to employ more staff. Or to secure more work or another contract. When your business grows, so does your credit limit (as long you meet criteria).
  • Experienced consultants help guide your firm setting up the facility. This helps your business with any teething problems.
  • Most of all Trade Debtor Finance Consultants also keeps a watch and stays in touch with your firm throughout the ordeal.
  • Larger Factoring, Debtor-Finance, or Invoice-Discounting lenders have cheaper products to offer. As your firm grows, so will your need to get a better rate or product.

Consequently if you wish to find out about Factoring Invoices and lenders for your industry click below on your business

Spend money to make Money use factoring

Read through Trade Debtor Finance Consultants PRIVACY ACT

I was financially stressed.  Worried and wasn’t receiving any help from my bank! My accountant told me to look at factoring or another finance product.

I searched the Internet for hours. I found so many companies in factoring. Then I saw Trade Debtor Finance Consultants. I thought I would ask a consultant. They answered all my questions. they were straight forward, helped explain all the products and lenders available to my business.

I didn’t have to pay anything up front to them. They also helped me set up the facility. Best of all, continued to assist me with any questions throughout the ordeal. I would highly recommend TDFC to other businesses.

(Full references available on request)