Need to Improve Debtor Finance cashflow just before the Christmas Break?

Debtor Finance cashflow.

Only weeks is a long time. Consequently in most cases small to medium business debtors are strung out over the Christmas break. Evidently putting a huge strain on their Cash flow early in the new year.

Use this to your advantage. Get funding on your invoices so that you have the cash to sustain the long wait, and hit the ground running in 2019.

There are no lock in contracts, selective Invoice Factoring, and normal Debtor Finance products.

How it works: It is simple, you can get advanced up to 80% of the invoice value, should you need, with 24- 48 hours. You receive the final 20% of the invoice when the debtor pays their account.

Security needed to Factor:

Therefore in most cases all you need is a personal Guarantee and the debtors as security. In most extreme cases of one on one factoring, or in construction, property security may be required. This is discussed in length with consultants and lenders.

How long does Debtor Finance take to set: In most cases in less that two weeks. As long as the client has all the required paperwork its a fast process.

How can Trade Debtor Finance Consultants help.

Lastly how do Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd Help? Our firm offers a complete run-down of all Factoring facilities available.  With over 28 lenders in support we supply in most cases up to 4 options. This is supplied with a written obligation free quote. Our firm again provides complete support for the life of the loan, should it be required, at no cost to your firm.

As a result if you would like more information, please go to our website and or email our office with an inquiry

Increase your Cash flow over the Christmas Period with Factoring Invoices