New Business Start up with Debtor Factoring

New Business Start up with Debtor Factoring

Raising capital for new business’s is sometimes made easy by the banks. Maintaining cash flow through the growing faze of the business is a much harder problem to solve. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) specialises in finding products, such as Debtor Factoring, and lenders to help you through this part of your business strategy.


New Business Start up with Debtor Factoring

TDFC believes this is why Debtor Finance was originally created those 1000s of years ago, believing the risk was too great for banks and the need was to create cash flow to grow new business to bank level.

So how does it work. Debtor Finance or Factoring is offering your invoices to a lender and instead of getting paid in 30 -60 days, the lender verifies the work is complete and offers you a % of those invoice in 24 hours at a small fee. Once invoices are paid the lender would take their fees and give you the remaining % of your invoice.

Now that product has been around for centuries. Luckily most lenders have involved from full service factoring and provided partnership or draw down facilities that work like an overdraft. These facilities are often much cheaper as they let you run your own business and charge purely a finance fee, unlike the full service products, you pay for finance, collections, and other admin charges.

This is why you contact TDFC.

TDFC has been now specialising in Debtor Factoring and Factoring for over 10 years. As a result TDFC remains a specialist consulting company in Australia.

No matter what business you are or industry you’re in. TDFC will encourage you and your accountant to give us a ring. Therefore ascertaining some inside knowledge to over 25 lenders and 9 different products at no direct charge to your firm. Once you do choose a lender of TDFC’s choice. A consultant will be on hand to help you through most situations that occur in these facilities. This is not offered by most other brokers, introduces, or in some cases sales persons in the Factoring industry.

For more information about starting your business off on the right foot. Call TDFC consultants and inquire about Debtor Finance. To get the right answers please contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants today. Full references provided with inquiry if needed. or 1300 00 8332

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