Factoring,Debtor Finance,Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.


Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.

Factoring,Debtor Finance,Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.


Why Debtor Finance works.

Accountants, brokers, business coaches are never sure if a debtor finance product will work or not for your business. As a result they state it’s too expensive. Others say it’s simple, put your invoices in and get paid up to 80% of their value with 48 hours. The final 20% less fees is paid when your debtor pays for the invoice. there are two alternatives to poor cash flow. One is going broke waiting for debtors to pay. 2nd is demand for faster payment, hoping you don’t loose the contracts.

Important questions for businesses.

1. Will factoring finance facilities really send your firm broke?

2. Are factoring products too expensive, or can you really afford it?

3. Will it help your business grow with minimal security?

4. Is there more than one recommended factoring lender out there for you to choose from?

People who don’t know about this products should say nothing and leave it to the experts.

Therefore with over 10 years’ experience, and started up our own business with nothing, giving advice about these products only, we should know.

There are over 26 recommended lenders Australia wide with a wide range of facilities and products. Our job is to understand most of them and let clients know, their positives and negatives in one call.

Pricing is determined on the lender itself. Larger lenders have greater borrowing capacities, other than private smaller lenders. With this in mind facilities are different. Smaller lenders have much more to lose, and are very hands on in checking invoices etc.. This makes their facilities more expensive. Larger lenders have larger more sophisticated clients, and there is less admin involved, making facilities cheaper.

Consequently contracts and securities are determined by the size of the client and strength of the debtors.

In conclusion, why guess what is for you. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd has no direct upfront cost, and we offer our findings in a written quote. One call and you can have up to 4 options to choose from. These options will be the best solutions we put forward to suit your firm. There is no obligation, so google and interview others if you feel the need too.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd are so confident of our introduction’s. Hence if you proceed with any of our lenders we will give you support for the life of the loan again at no charge to your firm. You can find us www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au or email sales@tdfc.com.au or contact our friendly staff.

In conclusion Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is a family owned business that strives to be the best in this field for you.