Do You Need Help With Cashflow Finance?


How to apply for Cashflow Finance

What do banks need to ascertain finance for businesses?
1. Must have two year financials
2. Overdrafts and or Business loans must have property or assets
3. Directors with assets are desired giving personal guarantees strength
4. Director must have clean credit files
5. Business Tax must be up to date

So what happens if you don’t tick all these boxes? Do you go to non tier lenders paying larger interest rates, sacrificing profits margins? Finally how do you get the money back fast to save on that interest?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants supports Factoring. If you invoice and credits take 30-60-90 days to be paid, then use those assets to fund cash flow. You can offer up those debtors and get funding on completed work (up to 80% of the invoice value) within 24-48 hours. You get the rest of the value of those invoices (final 20% less fees) when the debtor pays the lenders account. Don’t get confused they are not debt collectors. They are financiers trying to make money.
Our firm finds the best lenders and puts them in front of your business. We build a plan to get your cash flow moving and a plan so that those fees don’t impact your bottom line for long.

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