Factoring information on the World Wide Web


Financial anything is a topic that sets us all on edge just thinking about it.  It seems to be secretive unless you know someone on the inside.  Factoring is a small part that makes little, or no sense, until after you’ve jumped the potholes, dodged the traffic, and made it to the other side, of three months into your facility.  That’s when the light bulb starts to go on and you can only decide if you’ve done the right thing.  But how do you start?


Factoring information on the World Wide Web

Search the Web

Its what we do now, but do you ever search a website and can never find what your looking for?  Or you travel in a loop that goes nowhere?  Frustrating to the point of “Web Rage”?  If only you could yell at your computer or slam down your laptop lid without breaking it.  Because then, you end up explaining to the computer guy what happened.  He gives you “that” look.  It also matches his messy top knot hairstyle, matching his beard, which makes you want to look down to his skinny girl jeans to the Dunlop Volley shoes that now come in purple.  No-one, and I do mean, no-one wants to end up there.  So we breath and continue to click away wasting hours of precious time, hoping to click on the page giving us reassuring answers to everything.

We have recently done an upgrade, which messed up our whole site.  We can get someone to fix it, but that is expensive, and can take weeks.  I figured I’d give it a go.  How hard can it be? Youtube has a lesson on everything right?  I want us to be able to give you that page with the answers.  Or at least let you know what questions to ask.

So grab a coffee, click everything you can on our site, and send us a message back with your likes and dislikes.  I love dislikes, because that means something is wrong and we need to fix it.  I even encourage you to let a little of that “web rage” out.  I’ll take it with a smile and a giggle, with a whole bag of “I’m sorry’s”.  Most importantly it will mean my contact us bit works.  (and I’m counting that as a success!)

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