Delegation for Leaders

Delegation is leadership 101

There are many skills that leaders need to know about and learn to do. In the times where everything needs to be done yesterday. Its important to learn how to manage ourselves and others in these times. This is the art called delegation. It’s easy to create to do lists that we work through and then still feel like nothing actually got done. There comes a point when you as a leader need to prioritize your time and leave the rest to your awesome team.

No you can’t just do it yourself

Its not the common used phrase. The one we say is: “if I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself”. The truth is if you want something done as a leader you need to delegate. If you have access to a team that you even pay then what a waste it is to have them for no purpose. We hire people and give them responsibilities but we either never give them a chance or take over after the smallest mistake. You might feel that you can’t help it. That may be the case, but what are you sacrificing to do all those jobs? While you are taking care of the filing instead of the assistant what could you be doing? Maybe you could be calling prospects? You could be spending time with your family? Filing is an example of a job that could be delegated. There are many other jobs you are doing that are taking your energy away from what you should be doing.

Investing in your team

For example; Sally is your new assistant. Her job is to take care of calls, scheduling appointments and tasks that you no longer have time to do. She has been there for three months and you are still organising your schedules, taking calls, filing, and taking care of everything yourself. You may think you can handle it all yourself so why have someone else do it. Soon there is going to be a point where you feel overwhelmed and you won’t understand why no one is helping.

 While you may be able to complete those smaller tasks, you are choosing to spend your time doing them opposed to the real tasks at hand. While your organising your schedule clients are waiting to use your services or buy your products. There may even be a big project you want to do but you can’t find the time. This is where Sally and your team come in. Investing in your team looks like giving them responsibility, keeping them accountable and supporting them through the journey.

Questions to ask when delegating

  • Ask what it is you want to achieve.
  • Who do you think has potential to achieve this, this can be a group?
  • When does it need to achieved by?
  • Who will keep them accountable to being on time and to the standards expected?
  • What resources are you willing to give?

Delegation at its finest

Now, using those questions you will be able to realise you cannot do it all. You need to trust that you hired Sally based on her ability and potential to complete the job. The job being to take the administrative tasks off your hands. Everyday she is responsible for giving you the days scheduled appointments, any paperwork you need and any messages you need to hear. She is accountable to you as her employer and as the person being relied upon for information. You have the freedom now to dedicate more time and energy to other work.

TDFC is apart of your team

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