Whats been happening at TDFC?

TDFC is a family business

It was created to help other businesses find the right products that suit their needs. In the beginning, TDFC was thought to be a silly idea. It now has helped many businesses find the right debtor finance products. We are personal and professional. Over the years our clients have became friends. So in turn, we would like to share whats happening in our world.

The day passed by so quickly. It was overall an amazing day. The weather was perfect and at the same  time the River Fire was in rehearsal. As we traveled to the chapel we had jets flying close to the ground above us. This made the whole experience of traveling to the ceremony less nerve racking and more exciting. I arrived at the chapel and the ceremony was great. The bridal party looked amazing with their purple dresses and cool suits. There was a lot of nerves, few tears, but mostly love. I can say nothing makes you more happy then marrying the love of your life and seeing people really come together to support.


after photos, and a few hiccups on our return. the reception was were we all decided to dance and enjoy what the day is truly about. The friends and family who pitched in to put up lights, set up tables, play the music, decorate the room, and manage the details made the day what it was. Afterwards there was a visit to hospital to see Nan who recently had a fall and was unable to attend. She was over the moon and very proud.

Back on Track

It was a terrific day and now TDFC is back into all things debtor finance again. If you’re in need of advice and a quote then call TDFC. We are here to support you and your goals for your business to grow. We are a free service to you because we care about providing you with solutions that solve your financial problems.

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