How to grow your business and its wealth


The question of how to grow your business wealth is what all business owners will ask at some early point in the early stages of business potential growth.  We see the potential on paper, but is it reflected in the bank account. When invoices are taking 30 or more days to be paid, we know that it could compromise your competitive edge.  After all don’t they say “you need to have money to make money?”

Today you will find out how you can turn unpaid invoices into cash and grow your businesses wealth.

There are ways to save money by buying lower quality, second hand or outsourcing. However what if you had faster access to more cash to grow your business.  How to increase wealth is only one small part to the bigger question which is, what will you do with it? Operating a business is one thing but being more innovative than competitors is another. With access to funds you could get back your competitive edge by buying new, better quality, and hiring qualified help.

Well this is great news! How this works is simply broken up into a few quick and easy steps

  • You invoice your debtor for products and services
  • You send a copy of the details to your debtor finance provider
  • Your debtor finance provider will release typically 80% of that invoice in 24 hours
  • Your debtor pays the debtor finance provider in full
  • The remaining 20% will be paid to you with a small fee taken

To actually save money it is important to find the right lender and facility. At no cost to you a debtor finance consultant can find the one that is affordable, suits your needs and goals for your business. You will save time shopping around when you let a consultant do it. With many years experienced and trustworthy consultants you are guaranteed honesty and support for the life of the facility taken. So, what is suggested as a great way to grow your business and its wealth?

Debtor finance. Unpaid invoices can slow your businesses productivity and ability to take on new business. Debtor finance can have invoices turned into cash so your business can keep moving and remain productive.

Debtor finance can often be seen and represented as the very last resort but this option could be your first step to financial growth.

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