Debtor Finance, Factoring Explained for Business

Factoring is a product designed to help business with cash flow only. Its not a debt collection service or a service.

Debtor Finance also know as Factoring or Invoice Discounting helps business owners take advantage of their debtors paying in 30-60-90 days. Financiers advance up to 80% of those invoices in advance, giving business owners the chance to purchase, or stock, or pay bills on time.

This gives owners piece of mind and often a growth opportunity depending which industry they are in. Of course it comes at a cost and knowing this, those owners who have slim margins, are not always suited to these products.

Lenders make money, they all operate that way, how much depends on your facility etc.. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has built a large reputation around this, by offering a free obligation quote, giving business owners needing factoring up to four option in writing.

Our consultants go over the good and bad aspects of Invoice Discounting, Debtor Finance, and Factoring so you fully understand the pricing and structures of each facility. To know more, take a look at our website or email our office at . Our toll free number is 1300 00 8332

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