Factoring, there is a lot going on

Factoring, there is a lot going on


Lenders in the Factoring and Debtor Finance sectors have been merging or taking each other over. What does that mean for consumers? Easy it means getting cheaper facilities as there is a better buying power with the banks.

Greater buying power, means that clients can get better deals with a range of different products. Debtor Finance is a very useful product for small to medium business. By helping improve cash flow, business owners can Factor invoices and pay debts or tax on time. Stress in business is very real, often that stress is created by banks securing up the family home.

Factoring lenders use, debtors as security. Even if one debtor goes down or broke, other debtors in your list help eliminate any problems you will have with the lender. Normally Debtor Finance lenders have a close eye on your debtors, but up to date reports. This helps you with the collections of these accounts.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers you the complete explanation of up to 28 Factoring lenders in one call. We listen to your needs and offer up to four  Factoring solutions to choose from in writing. This is completed at no direct cost to your firm.

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