Learn all you need about Factoring in one call.

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Learn all you need about Factoring in one call.

Learn all you need about Factoring in one call.

There is no better time to inquire about Factoring and how it can help your business grow.  Therefore you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  It can start with a phone call for a chat, and end with an understanding of how products may work with your business.

Hence funding invoices doesn’t mean your handing over your business to a Invoice Discounting lender. In fact its the opposite. Invoice funding lenders don’t want to chase your debtors. All they want to do is provide you funding on your invoices.

Financiers let you as a owner get back to working on your business not in it. Having Cash flow gives you an opportunity to purchase more stock, or put on more staff. Funding growth has never been easier. No need for property security! No need for credit checks or credit limits!

Invoice funders will help you create a safety net with your debtors history as part of their costs.

You need to ask yourself.

Is would now be the best time to have that extra cash? Possibly with more cash flow get those goals for your business achieved? Is your business not growing as you are always waiting for customers to pay?

We all have debtors that pay slower. This is always a concern to growing businesses. No business what’s to be another businesses credit card.

By funding your debtors the growth pain is eased. This gives business owners to renegotiate better deals, find better clients and get on with business.

Finally your thinking which lender is right for you?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants have 28 supporting lenders. That part is easy!

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are the most experienced consultants in the Factoring Industry. Best of all we have no direct up front cost to your firm. we offer in writing up to four lenders that suit your needs.

Talk to us and you can have someone explain it in a way that is relevant to your industry.

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