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Recently I went to a business summit. I acquired some very handy advice about growing your business through marketing. Also time management and managing finances. There was a lot said that we may all have heard before like spend less money on things that don’t benefit your business  and more on getting new customers. I loved the advice I was being given and I just really needed to fully apply it. Working in the debtor finance industry I come across many different businesses but they are all facing the same problems. Slow paying debtors. I started to think how could I get my message out there. How could I let businesses know there are better options than overdrafts, loans and more debt? Well like most people they go to Google and search. So let me take the chance to introduce you to a type of finance that will help your business change its financial condition.

Find the right finance for your business

What if there were ways to help your business but you didn’t know about it? We have all had that moment when we discover a service that we wish we had found months earlier. Well that is what I’m going to do. Debtor finance is an unheard of solution but it increases your cash flow. If you have invoices that are yet to paid and you think it would do your business a huge amount of good if they were paid today. Well I have great news!

How does debtor finance help your business?

Debtor Finance basically turns those unpaid invoices into cash for your business to use. If purchasing more equipment, better quality products, getting ahead on expenses and more cash for you to spend today sounds good then you should call me. This is the service you wish you knew about sooner. I can talk to you today, answer your questions, find out a bit about your business needs and do a quote for you. AT NO COST TO YOU. The quote will give you options and you have no obligation to go further then that. If you do we will help you start your debtor finance facility and support you through out the life of it. STILL AT NO COST TO YOU. We save you time, money and give you support whenever you should need it.

There is a criteria that in our initial conversation will talk you through to see if its right for you. There is no harm in calling and finding out. I would enjoy having a conversation with you to see if I can help you in any way.


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