Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!


Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

For over 10 years our family owned business has dealt with the explanation of Factoring, Debtor Finance, and Invoice Discounting. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has had consultants help every form of business achieve knowledge about this product to see if its worth doing or not. As a business, our aim is to help owners understand the fundamentals of these Factoring products.

Often by doing this, we have helpful hints in collections, invoicing, book keeping, and help utilize their accountants more. Factoring does tighten up small businesses back end collection procedures. It also helps with the collections of monies as most debtors don’t like third party calls if required.

Factoring is a finance product, and they are not there to run your business. They are there to finance your ideas and move you to the next level. Debtor Finance and Invoice Discounting facilities are the same. Often business growth is so rapid, conventional banking can not keep up. So these finance facilities, help ease the growth pain. Factoring, Invoice Discounting lenders are more versatile now days, offering small lock in contracts, offer more exposures, and less security. This is helpful to owners, who are looking at the big picture, and looking to eventually set up finance with the big banks.

To see if Factoring, debtor Finance, or Invoice Discounting can help you to that next stage, contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants today.

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