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Why Invoice Discounting may not work?

Anyone who has been in business know the struggles of customers who pay months later after the transaction. The pain comes especially when its for a debt that will really hurt your business if it isn’t ever paid. I’m sure you have your own battles that you are going through but I thought I would share mine.


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Invoice Discounting – Get a free quote


Funnily enough we help people everyday with finding cash flow solutions because of their debtors. We have been the one helping and the one making those awkward phone calls too. It’s part of being in business and there are moments when everything is going great and other times when you are making more debt collection calls than sales calls. Probably like you I prefer to be making the calls when I am trying to help people opposed to the calls where you are reminding someone to do what they said they would.

What I do for a living?

Anyway, its how it is sometimes. When invoices aren’t paid we make the phone calls, send emails, visit or even have to hire a debt collector. There is a way to get your money that is owed to you while waiting for your debtors to pay. Yes, it is possible to increase your cash flow and grow your business. Debtor Finance Lenders are there to help you with our Cash flow. These lenders take an invoice you have outstanding, you could have up to 80% of it in cash for you in 24 hours and the remaining paid to you when the debtor pays. That invoice may be for hundreds or thousands of dollars either way it all affects your business. If you don’t already think this is for you then let me tell you the benefits of this.

Increased cash flow in your business could mean

    • More money available to purchase new equipment
    • Hire extra help
    • Take on more work
    • Obtain supplier discounts
    •  Spend less time chasing debtors and more time chasing new business

This is a great solution to the money problem your business has been having. Most people don’t even know it exists but I can tell you this works for many industries. It even works with your business size because this isn’t a one size fits all product its tailored to you and your business needs.

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