Types of Factoring


Types of Factoring. Fully explained by TDFC consultants

Types of Factoring

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants was the first Factoring Consultants in the industry focusing only on these products. Having been successfully placing businesses since 2009, this firm has became experts in the field.

Factoring is the common word for all invoice finance products. Over the years lenders have written all different businesses into their products. This has caused positive and negative feedback. Lenders were forced to make up other names for the products. Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting, etc..

In the end it all Factoring of an invoice. Thus getting paid up to certain percentage as the work is completed and receiving the balance once the lender has paid.

This is how Trade debtor Finance makes its money.

Our firm offers a full explanation about most lenders in Australia. With our experience we can explain each facility offered to your style of business. As a result owners will be armed with costing, contract terms, and other procedures needed to successful navigate a facility.

Also TDFC offers complete support for the life of the loan at no direct cost to your firm. Consequently we provide in our written obligation free quote our team will supply up the 4 of the best options to suit your business.

With 28 lenders Australia wide, TDFC staff can ascertain the best rates, products, and contacts with one call. Due to this service we save you time and money.

In conclusion lenders do exactly that, they lend money on invoices. They are not there to  run your business or collect bad debts. Staff of TDFC identify the issues you may have before you talk to a lender in our interviews. As a result your facility will suit your needs and nothing will be presented that you didn’t already know about.

For more information please contact our office www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au We will be glad to assist.