Debtor Finance Gives Businesses Owners access to Cash Flow


Debtor Finance Gives Businesses Owners access to Cash Flow

Debtor Finance Gives Businesses Owners access to Cash Flow

Today more businesses are finding that their debtors are taking over 45 days to get paid. Without a steady source of cash flow coming into the business. Owners have been forced to eat into cash reserves of the company.

The banking industry has the overdraft facility for Businesses to access. However banking  has tightened up their lending guidelines. Banks are starting to add real estate security to overdrafts or assets of the company to the same value. You have options.

Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting normally doesn’t require such security. Your debtors are the strength in a Debtor Finance facility. Some Factoring facilities have debtor insurance attached in a facility, helping eliminate the chance of bad debt.

Basic principals apply of the company submitting unpaid invoices into the financier and once verified or processed the lenders make available up to 80% of those unpaid invoices to your business within 48 hours. This provides Cash flow Finance. 

Therefore once the debtors pay for their invoices, monies is sent to the lenders account. The lender receipts invoices. As a result takes out monies advanced plus fees and releases difference (20%) back to your trading account within 48 hours of the remittance.

What could you do with more cash flow?

Imagine using those funds to pay for more stock. Achieve early payment discounts. Pay wages or employ more staff. Debtor Finance is the perfect product to support growth in a company.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) have an understanding of every product in the industry. With over 28 lenders, TDFC provide clients with no nonsense answers. With TDFC you make one call. A consultant provides you with all the knowledge you need about this product and lenders.

What can TDFC offer your business?

TDFC offers explanation of a wide range of lenders and products.  Confidential Factoring. Single Invoice Factoring. Line of Credit Funding. Trade Finance. Construction Finance. Our firm also offers 10 simple questions you should ask Factoring lenders. This is to see if it suits your business and goals going forward.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd offers an obligation free written quote. Within the quote has up to 4 lenders, These should suit your business requirements. Above all TDFC also offers support for the life of the Factoring loan.

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