Manufacturers welcome Trade Finance.

Factoring in Transport

Manufacturers welcome Trade Finance, Factoring.

Trade Finance helps Manufacturers compete.

For the last 3 years manufacturing has been stagnant. Trade Finance has been limited. High Australian dollar values have caused our industry to the world as non competitive.

With relief our dollar has slowly fallen and here we go, manufacturing and importing clients have finally something to smile about. Once again we can compete at world level. However, due to lack of business for the down period, many have succumbed to cash flow issues.

Don’t stumble at the blocks. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can help you find solutions that are not only cost effective, but will suit your business needs. Trade Finance is very popular, but unless you have property and very sound credentials, then it will be unlikely.

Purchase more stock with cash flow to grow


Trade Debtor Finance has been able to convince a selective group of lenders, that with Factoring or Debtor Finance, they can offer a Trade Finance product. So for the first time, we have been able to give options around Trade Finance.

As discussed Trade Finance needs assets to obtain and lenders are very ridged on security. Recently Debtor Finance lenders have established facilities to coincide with a Trade facility. As a result this gives lenders more security in your business dealings, taking the stress away from assets.

One call can change your business goals.

Please don’t wait, call us now, and organise an obligation free quote. See how these two products can help your growth now, and into the future. TDFC consultants will require an in-depth business background of your business. With this information you will have an obligation free quote in writing with up to four options. TDFC stands by its recommendations with support for the life of the loan. or email