Small Business needs help with cash flow – Factoring the Key


Small Business needs help with cash flow – Factoring the Key

Small Business needs help with cash flow – Factoring the Key.

Not all businesses suit Cash flow finance or Factoring. Profit margins are just too tight to give away to a finance company.

Never the less most of the time, margins are tight, due to the lack of stock or cash flow in the business to achieve the growth goals needed to turnover products and make more money.

Some industries shouldn’t use debtor finance or factoring, however, with out cash flow they simply cant pay their fuel, wages, or other bills in the time frame. With out cash flow, the life blood of any business would dry up and cease.

Often this factoring options are used a method of last resort. One common question I ask is, “why didn’t you come to me sooner”. Debtor Finance is a very effective finance product for growth. It can also be used to finance business purchases, take overs, and capital raising.

Consequently debtor finance or Factoring products are easy to understand, or have simple costing. Financing your invoices, doesn’t mean they collect them. Doesn’t mean lenders will chase them either. Its finance only. Factoring allows owners to work on their business not in it.


Why use Trade Debtor Finance Consultants?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants, in one call puts all this to rest. We listen to your needs and at no direct cost to your firm, find up to 4 of the best solutions in front of you in writing. As a result TDFC is available throughout the life of the loan chosen to help clients with any situations they may have.

They also get the lenders on your side, helping them understand your situation. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has hundreds of referrals and is a family based business. If you would like help or just better understand this product. Give us and obligation free call.