Make Growth now for your Business


Factoring used by so many companies

Make this year you see your business full of growth. We thought the best way to start is to help you think about growing your business.

Make this a year of growth for your business

1. Learn a new skill that could improve your contribution to the business

How long has it has been since you went to school, university, college, TAFE, or did a course. I don’t know how long you have been doing your job for or working in the same industry. I just want to encourage you that if it’s been too long to remember or you have always wanted to but never had the time then why not this year?

Bring something new and fresh to your business. Even if its a little out of the box. You could learn a skill that may mean you wont have to pay the big $$ to get someone else to do it.

2. Write a vision statement for your business?

As you work into this year, where do you see your business by the end of the year or in 5, 10, 20 years time. Write what kind of growth you would like your business to have and work backwards from that. If you know what the end result is think on how you can get your business to that result. Vision gives your business purpose and direction. What do you want your business to be known for?

Make Growth 2018 for your Business

3. Set goals for your business and create a list of steps to achieving them

Goals are important and you should have some. Otherwise what are you doing? Where are you going? What are you looking for? Goals give direction, purpose, meaning, and something to hold onto in hard times. How do you want to make a difference through your business? Write this down and think about how you can achieve this. Is there a course you could do, a person you can talk to, a business you can partner with? Start taking steps toward your vision. Be hopeful that you can complete your goals because they will be your rock when times are difficult.

4. Reward yourself and your family

It’s one thing to work hard at your business all year long for monetary rewards and another to work hard so you can reward your family. Working for money is an endless game but working so you can take your family on that vacation or simply have the freedom to spend more time with them is another. Your family might not be doing the labor you are but they are supporting you in the best way they can. They want you to succeed so why not show them some appreciation.

5. Look for opportunities for your business to do better at what it does

There are so many businesses that right now are facing extreme competition. Competition that may make their once profitable business nonexistent. Why? because they became complacent. They were profitable so they didn’t think they had to innovate or improve. They’re not looking for ways to grow. When competition comes into the market this usually leaves competitors in shock and stuck on how to retaliate. Don’t miss opportunities, lock in routines or avoid change. There is always something new on the way. You just have to discover it.

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