How to stand out from competition utilising Factoring

Want to get further ahead and not lose customers?

Sometimes owners start a business and let the customers flow in, unfortunately too many come. All of a sudden there are too many places you need to be and not enough time to get to them all. Sometimes we just don’t have the equipment or resources to do jobs that are required. Soon owners are forced to turn debtors away.

Debtor Finance, Factoring helps business owners grow.

TDFC consultants have had experienced in these type of stories. There is a way out. Our consultants believe you have come the right place. Poor cash flow for businesses who really want to grow makes if difficult. TDFC consultants can offer a very simple solution. TDFC has partnered with Factoring businesses and help them find there way to opening doors to opportunity.

Our experienced consultants found suitable factoring facilities that were affordable and would greatly benefit the business. Business owners were able to hire that extra help, serve more customers and pay their debts. These new opportunities came from finding a suitable debtor finance facility.


Therefore calling a consultant could help you in so many ways. Having access to your outstanding funds will place you ahead of your competition. Customers will not be waiting 14-30-60 days to be paid by your debtors. Cash flow is being wasted. Access this cash flow and turn those goals to a reality.

Become a big success story you always wanted to be.

With contacting TDFC you will receive upfront and honest explanations about factoring products, lenders, and chargers. Furthermore once your firm supplies our consultants all the necessary information. In addition we will provide an obligation free written quote with up to four lenders of choice. These lenders will contact yourself and you can make a informed decision. For more information please call us today.

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