Gold Service in Invoice Factoring

Gold Service in Invoice Factoring

Gold Service in Invoice Factoring

Good service in Invoice Factoring is never realized until after the deal is done and the purchase is made! After the consultation are you going to leave with a confident relaxing satisfied feeling, or are you looking at a pile of pamphlets filled with fine print that you are expected to read?

Expect and receive the best Service available

Gold Service is what you should expect, and Gold Service is what you should get. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants understand that this entire industry is all about service, and we don’t want you to walk away at all. Furthermore your business is ongoing, so your service should be right there with you.

Do you need Single Invoice Factoring, Debtor Finance, long term Finance solutions, or a short term Cash Flow Fix.  Therefore every facility can be so different depending on what your business does.

What rates apply to your industry? Will this actually benefit your business? or is that sales rep just filling his quota to keep his job? How will you even know its the right thing to do?

TDFC is a family business that offers a free service which has been operating since 2007.  One phone call to our 07 5547 8731 is just a phone call.  Customers are instructed that there is no commitments, its just a chat. Service is what you expect, Gold Service in the explanation of invoice factoring is what we aim to deliver.

One call can change your business outcome.

Talk to us about your business, and we will talk to you about which lenders are right for you. Fees, charges, procedures, contracts and lenders all explained in explicit detail. Therefore even after deal is settled and running, TDFC still offers total support for the life of the loan. or 07 5547 8731

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