Businesses need Cash flow for growth.

Starting a new business or maintaining and established is very hard if you don”t have basic cash. Most business owners have the equity at first to sustain the basic growth in their business. This will often be way of property equity or basic cash.

During the first two years of business it would be vital to have a bank backed facility. However this is not often the case. Owners are forced to take loans or use up most of their equity in cash to survive.

Factoring, Debtor Finance, and or Invoice Discounting has always  been available for young growing businesses. Basically if you invoice other business clients and they have terms for payment. Then Factoring  of invoices could be an alternative to free up some of your cash for growth.

In general to factor and invoice is to offer that completed invoice to a finance company. They will offer a percentage of that invoice once verified to your bank. The debtor owing the invoice will pay the full invoice amount into the financiers account. Lastly the financier will release the rest of the invoice, less fees, to your bank. This will complete the transaction.

Depending on the facilities will depend on how many clients or invoices you wish to finance for growth.  Therefore the less you factor, the more the risk. The more risk the less the finance will finance. If there is high risk, pricing will also be high. Low risk you can negotiate lower fees.

Businesses need Cash flow for growth.

With over 15 years experience in these facilities, I ask one question. Why Guess? Our consultancy firm offers in writing a free quote. Consultants will explain your options and give you choice. Having experience in many facilities for a wide range of businesses will only aid you in whether it suite your needs or not. Our firm strives in helping you for the live of the loan chosen, should you agree with our lenders. Finally even after we have completed our quote, you still have a choice to say no.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is family owned and has place successful over 500 clients since 2010. This firm strives to offer clients the best explanation of these products and lenders available. If you would like to know more, please email or phone 0460 448 955