Cash advanced to grow your business

growth with ractoring

Cash advanced to grow your business and take the high road

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants have been helping businesses for years grow through Factoring. Do you have one large order that will kick-start the next big advance in your company? Why not start with a single invoice factoring facility.

Increase purchasing power

Businesses have factored their invoices from selected debtors. This cash injections has been advanced to them and they can use this extra cash flow to pay for their expenses. Therefore wages, fuel, and loan repayments are all taken care of.

Consequently just getting up to date with expenses is not all businesses do. They have used to increase their purchasing power and obtain supplier discounts.

Businesses have used it to increase their ability to serve more customers at a time and lose less to competition. The possibilities are endless and with extra cash your business can reach new levels.

Tax arrears are more common in businesses these days and often are the reason they cant get finance from the banks. Debtor Financiers helps businesses with funding through that period. This relieves stress with the ATO and gets the business back going forward.

Furthermore the main question TDFC asks about factoring is! Once the need for fast Cash flow injection Finance has been taken care of, what do you do with the facility afterwards.

In addition what will you be using the upfront cash for, going forward? Our consultants help you understand the processes and encourage using the factoring facility throughout the course of the loan.

Starting a no obligation quote today is your first step to finding out how Debtor Finance can improve your business.

Call a Trade Debtor Finance Consultant today and ask us any questions you may have. Our team are at your support through the entire process. 07 5547 8731 or

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