Factoring a product your business could use to create better cash flow.


Have you heard of factoring from a friend, a previous user of it, or found it on google? Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) can save you time calling around asking whether this is right for you and give you the upfront on everything about factoring. From costs, to service provided, types of products that will suit your position and who are the best lenders to provide the products.

1. Are you a business owner?

Many industries such as wholesale, transport and manufacturers are using factoring. The first step to finding out whether it is right for you is first simply asking whether you are the business owner/ director. Managers have contacted in the past in regards to finding out whether setting up a factoring facility is the right step for their business.

2. Are your debtors commercial businesses?

3. Do you have a debtor/s paying 30+ days later?

4. Will your business flourish more with funding of your invoices within 48 hours not 30 days?

5. With the constant incoming money into your business, how can you make your business more successful?

Your business starts at 9 am and you are  still going at 6 pm.

A day can quickly disappear when you become busy. At the end of the day, you look at how much money you have and and how much you spent.

Waiting for some of your customers to pay can be the difference between having more money being spent than what is in your account to spend tomorrow.

Debtor finance lenders take care of funding of invoices only. Which lenders suit your needs? Which lenders products suit your companies needs? You can spend days looking for the right lender and products. Products pricing and contacts all explained.

One call to Trade Debtor Finance Consultants and we will offer in you writing an obligation free quote at no direct cost to your firm. Our family owned and operated business has been successfully helping clients since 2008.

To find our more contact our office today and get started in growing your business.




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