Factoring Debtor Finance the perfect growth finance.

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Factoring Debtor Finance the perfect growth finance.

Factoring Debtor Finance explained in Full.

First of all, TDFC know Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting. Within the ranks of Trade Debtor Finance Consultants, we have seen a steady change in the business environment. Construction companies starting again. Transport companies getting better deals, and manufactures competing against the Chinese Juggernaut.

Most of these industries are contacting us at a daily rate. Factoring, Debtor Finance is the fastest growing facility in Australia. In fact more and more lenders are popping up everywhere. Factoring helps business who been through tough times, or looking to start up. Factoring is the only finance product that will assist you grow to the next level through funding invoices.

Cash flow Running Low?

Subsequently insufficient cash flow is the largest reason why new business’s don’t survive in the first 12 months. Freeing up cash from your outstanding invoices, keeps the cash flowing in. Instead of waiting 30,60 days to be paid, up to 80% advance on those invoices with 48 hours.

TDFC has been trading over 10 years.  As a result we have references from Factoring clients from all over Australia. TDFC has found facilities from a wide range of Industries. There has been no limit from small business to large business turnover, we assist all. TDFC only uses reputable Factoring or Debtor Finance Lenders.

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In conclusion for more information with a free quote obligation quote in writing about Debtor Finance. Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants today 07 5547 8731 or email sales@tdfc.com.au  www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au


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