How do you afford to grow your business without Cashfow?

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Staff, product, Internet Advertising, all require moneys to help you grow your business and often its has to be paid Upfront. How do you do this, when you have debtors on terms?
Do you borrow moneys, extend an mortgage, get a line of credit, or ascertain and overdraft. Most of these ideas, although cheaper, would require you to often put up security or allow the banks a greater hold on your business and yourself personally. Sure you can get no secured loans, but be careful, they are not cheaper.

Factoring or Debtor Finance can grow you business

Factoring or Debtor Finance on your invoices, has been successfully growing for the last 10 years. Its been around for 100s of years, and yes there are stories to why it hasn’t been a good product. That is the past, and that’s how we help you out.

At no direct cost to yourself, we offer in writing, options to choose from, we also stand by those options with support for the life of the loan, again complementary to your firm. TDFC want to see firms get in and out of factoring or debtor Finance products with ease.

Ring for a chat, ask questions, expand your options

Our friendly staff at will make this product sound easy and with over a hundred referrals, our family owned business are genuinely here to help. TDFC support up to 28 lenders Australia wide. From larger Invoice Discounting clients, Debtor Finance and factoring a clients, we can help businesses of all sizes.

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