Why is debtor finance a good move in the agricultural sector?

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Debtor Finance and Agricultural Sector

The classic story in the agricultural sector is a tale of how much money is available at any time.  Funds are necessary for equipment, stock, crops and much more, so one bad year (or several) can do irreparable damage to cash flow. Anyone who works on the land will tell you to keep debt under strict control at all times. All it takes is one unforeseen expense and you can find yourself with a lack of cash and bills piling up.


Debtor Finance and Agricultural Sector

Debtor finance is a valuable asset to deal with the cost issues and daily expenses of making ends meet. You can get some expert help with managing your finances and re-structure your debt into a much simpler package.


What is Debtor Finance?

Put simply, debtor finance is a way of arranging your finances to help manage your debts. Instead of chasing late payments from your customers, you can acquire a percentage of that payment until you are able to receive a complete invoice. Speak to a debt consultant and they’ll help you to restructure your debt through a new lender, usually at a better rate of interest than you’re currently paying.

Seeking debtor finance can help with:

  • Cash flow – your restructured debt will give you better cash flow and breathing space with daily expenses
  • Debt repayments –better rates mean you pay less and lower payments to allow for more capital over time
  • Debt planning – a longer-term approach with well-planned debt reduction
  • Expert advice – helping you to consider and understand your finance options with the benefit of experienced financial consultants to analyse and solve debt problems

How Debtor Finance Works for Your Industry

To inquire about debtor finance, all you need to do is call Trade Debtor Finance Consultants and talk to a consultant about your situation. They’re available whenever you are to help you to find a better debt deal. Finances can wear thin when customers don’t pay upfront for your services so don’t let your time be consumed by chasing late payers.

You’ll get practical advice and, very importantly, clear figures to work with. You’ll see a better deal for your current finance, and a clear path ahead for scaling your rural business.

Your debtor finance planners are free to use and will work with you to find the perfect loan situation for your needs. It’s straightforward; the new loan is still a loan but you’re now in control of your debt, giving you more space to:

Debtor finance is a simple, quick and efficient way of managing debt.

Looking for Some Help with Your Debt?

Wherever you are in Australia, Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are your personal financial consultants. We’re family-run and always available to get your business back on track quickly and effectively.

Call us on 07 5547 8731 anytime, or contact us online. Our team of financial advisers and planners in Australia work to build personalized financial plans that create, grow and protect your wealth.

Ask us for an obligation free quote today!

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