Your business solution to poor cashflow

Your business solution just needs cashflow? Factoring is Key

Your business solution just needs cash flow? Factoring is Key

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words

For years now TDFC has been helping people on their journey in their business. On the journey people can come across troubles that they may not know there is a solution for. Your debtors taking months to pay, chasing unpaid invoices or cash going out faster then it is coming in can be stressful. Problems can cause you to move slower and leave you feeling like your not where you want to be.

Our staff are passionate about helping businesses find factoring solutions. We want to help you when your down or when everything is going fantastic. We want to find the best debtor finance facility for you and find answers to questions such as what is the difference between factoring, invoice discounting and debtor finance.

Is debtor finance right for you? Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will tell you and we do at no cost to you. Our consultants are only here to help you achieve your goals. We want to journey with you, celebrate the times of great success with you and support you in times of stress. We love business and we love to help others.

TDFC is a family owned business. Furthermore all our staff have qualifications, experience, knowledge but most importantly heart for business. There is nothing better than hearing a great success story of how a business went from point a to b through the help we gave them.

In Conclusion please call us today and let us have the great opportunity of getting to know you and your business. We have no costs to you, we will honestly tell you all that you need to consider and most importantly be there for you when you need us. or 07 55478731