Business needing to take advantage of Growth with Invoice Finance.

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Business needing to take advantage of Growth with Invoice Finance.

Would you like to take the next step in Business.

Most business owners rely on sales slowly increasing each month or year to justify growth. If your business is seasonal, this is very difficult to ascertain opportunities to purchase goods.

Factoring or Debtor Finance allows owners to purchase those goods, employ extra staff, or grow marketing. These opportunities can give owners dreams a reality. Therefore if you have a debtors ledger of $10 000.00 or more you can ascertain access of $8 000.00 within 48 hours instead of waiting 14 days or more for payment.

There has been some progress in construction and Importers have rallied. Here at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants we have seen some increase in inquiry and the range of businesses needing cash flow is a good sign.

Our business gives business owners the ins and outs of Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting at no direct cost to themselves. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is a family business who stand by their clients through the thick and thin.

Having over 15 years experience, with the support of up to 28 different lenders, and 9 different products, we will give you the best choices and insights into these products.

Factoring, Debtor Finance is still the best way to improve cash flow in your business without putting up security. Factoring, Debtor Finance is still the most flexible way of funding your business growth. Its not the cheapest product in the finance world. However its reasonable for the risk and flexibility it provides. its also a facility that grows with you. No going backwards and forwards to banks, trying to secure more on overdrafts etc..

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