How To Increase More Stock with Invoice Finance

importers use factoring

Importers use Factoring

More stock with Factoring.

Often clients call up for stock finance. This product is extremely hard to ascertain. However, if your business a sound foundation. For example two years financials, strong accounting documentation, and the directors have assets. Traditional lenders will offer you a product. Failing to have these, then your chances diminish greatly.

Alternative to Straight out Trade Finance with Factoring

Currently business owners ask their clients, place in a deposit, then the balance when it arrives. Often it’s the gap from manufacturing, until arriving in Australia, is the reason for asking for Trade Finance.

What if the factoring lender, pays out the supplier, once goods arrive, guaranteed? Or what if the lender pays for the stock, Freight on Board giving you something to think about now?  So let’s look at it from a different perspective.

Most Business owners have unpaid debtors. And what if the factoring lender funds all unpaid invoices. As a result providing Invoice Finance (Factoring) on those with terms. In conclusion giving your business the buying power you need to grow?

Purchase more stock with cash flow to grow

All it takes is some planning, and your business can do just this. Invoices are a very powerful asset to your business. In our experience, it takes baby steps to get started. Once the Invoice Finance is in full pace, the need for Trade diminishes and more profits are in your front end. If you can negotiate with the lender to guarantee paying out the supplier, then you’re on your way to growing.

More cash flow means more stock, more chances to grow your business with Factoring.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has the knowledge, and with up to 28 Debtor Finance lenders in the industry, has the contacts to try and get an answer for every scenario. Best of all we offer this advice at no direct cost to your firm. So if you’re in importing, make an inquiry today about growing your business. What do you have to lose by contacting us? We put our quotes in writing, and we also support you for the life of the loan, at no direct cost. For more information call 0460 448 955 or email: