Expand Your Business With Factoring

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Expand Your Business With Factoring

Expand Business With Factoring

For the first time in many years, people in general are gaining excitement with the growth figures in business. Not sure if it is related to the Dollar. When our Dollar was high, most Australians took advantage of this by travelling. Great for the family, but our money was spent overseas. Thus our tourism suffered, our retailers, no movies where made here, etc. Now the dollar dropped.

This is great news for business. Our Business community can finally compete on a global scale again. For business owners, new and existing, means that they can buy more stock, produce more goods, and quickly take advantage of the market.

So you look at your cash flow, and you have none.

Expand Your Business With Factoring

You have been selling to clients, good and bad, to make ends meet.Now you have a debtors ledger that is aging and you can’t take advantage of purchasing stock. Some would say borrow against your house, get those line of credit loans, get an overdraft, borrow from anywhere. That is great if you can, but in most cases, you have already to survive the market.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has the solution. Trade Finance and Debtor Finance products. Factoring or Invoice Discounting has been around for a while. Our firm strives to fit you to the facility, not the facility to you. We give you choices, and offer it, with an obligation free quote. Low interest means that Factoring costs are coming down.

Take advantage, get access to your cash outstanding, and purchase goods, or hire staff, or buy equipment, so that your business is not left stagnant. There are more and more factoring lenders in the country. This is great for business, more lenders, more products to choose from, more chances of getting a facility that is right for you.

DON’T GUESS, let Trade Debtor Finance Consultants, help you choose from up to 28 lenders. For more information, please email accounts@tdfc.com.au or

phone 0460 448 955