Improve Cashflow Utilizing Factoring – Invoice Financing

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Factoring or Debtor Finance can be the answer.

Improve Cash flow Utilizing Factoring – Invoice Financing

Business Owners are often not quite sure if Factoring Invoices is a good thing or not. So let TDFC help you decide.

Your business already has a completed invoices, and a range of debtors. The only problem is that you have to give them terms. Which in most cases you become the bank for their purchases. Often as a business owner your shielding calls from your creditors. Therefore you can’t seem to pay for stock until such time as your debtors pay their bills. It is a vicious cycle.

Factoring or Debtor Finance can be the answer.

Getting up to 80% of your outstanding invoices in 48 hours instead of 30 or 60 days can assist your growth. As a result you can get discounts from your suppliers, or even help you pay wages for more staff.
In most cases, the better Factoring or Debtor Finance products are used exactly like an overdraft. Drawing down what you need, when you need it, and only paying interest on those amounts. Of course finding the right products which suit your business is a tricky scenario. Factoring salesman tell you what you what to hear, not what’s best for you.

This is where Trade Debtor Finance Consultants come to fruition. TDFC interviews your firm. Gets all the information it requires to give you a written quote and more importantly in most cases options with one call. There is no direct upfront costs, and TDFC gives support for the life of the loan chosen.

TDFC helps you through the tricky take on or teething period, advising your firm of the optimal way of using these factoring facilities. Best of all if our consultants don’t think this product will assist your firm, we will tell you. For a free quote 0460 448 955


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