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Transport – Factoring

 Transport – Factoring. I trusted Only One Firm With Factoring Consultancy

My own business transports goods all over the state. Those in the game, know it’s a long haul, but this business is my passion and pride. To see it grow and become successful is why I started in the first place.

As a business owner I have worked incredibly hard over time to manage my finances. Working hard to keep my business going, but I found my inputs and outputs were just going in all the wrong directions!

Transport – Factoring

Often finding it hard to even continue making deliveries as I couldn’t afford to keep my trucks in good condition. The tires, fuel, registration and paying off the trucks started to have its toll on my work. I was waiting weeks until I would be paid. Therefore when I finally would receive the money, I had trucks that hadn’t made any deliveries or even moved in that matter. I couldn’t cover the cost of the deliveries. So I would have to make my money stretch until I could receive work and get paid again.

I started to lose motivation as I slowly watched my business go under. Discouraged, without a chance to see the success I had worked all this time for.

When Searching look for Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

I started searching for options and I came across Invoice Discounting. There were many Lenders to choose from. I was told my business was too small. Not enough staff, it really didn’t suit my business and seemed to hard. I continued searching, but between running my own business and transporting goods. I had no time to keep assessing each lending facility.

One day on site, word of mouth, I was pointed towards Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.Thus I read on their website and how they could help. For the price of a call,  why not call them to see how they could help me through this tough situation.

 It was great! I spoke to a qualified consultant that gave me FREE advice on how Factoring can eliminate my cash flow stress. Also help my businesses growth and pay all my expenses on time.

Why you would choose TDFC?

I found Trade Debtor Finance Consultants useful. Because I didn’t have to assess lenders and play guessing games on what suited my business. TDFC knew every product and exactly what suited my business. it was also mention they would continuously give me support whenever I needed it. Transport – Factoring helped me slowly get on top of my business and now there is no more waiting around to be paid. I receive payments within hours not days! My trucks are now all serviced and always making deliveries so my business is always making an income. Yes it comes at a cost, but trucks not moving cost a lot more.

As most would know Transport – Factoring is never a get rich quick scheme. Listen to the TDFC team, they monitor my accounts for free.  TDFC gave myself tips to save money and best of all, service like it was their own business.

In conclusion I go where the work does, and I may never be a millionaire. But I will give it my best shot to make some serious money. Which I have no problems in saying, Transport – Factoring may get me there. This will depend now on my decisions to make this succeed. I have asked for my company name to be withheld for obvious reasons, but would be glad to give Trade Debtor Finance Consultants a reference should any person require.

Make that call, it’s worth it. 0460 448 955 or